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Thread: How to Prevent Electrical Fires?

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    How to Prevent Electrical Fires?

    How to Prevent Electrical Fires?

    Electrical fires are the cause of hundreds of lost lives, thousands of incinerated homes, and millions of dollars worth in damaged property each year. They happen most often in the month of December, during the holiday season when people use up a lot of light and heat inside their homes. According to statistics, fires originating from electrical sources also frequently start from inside the most secluded place in the house the bedroom.

    Stop electrical fires from happening. Here is a list of ways on how to prevent them from starting at home.

    - Inspect the cords and plugs on all electrical equipment and appliances. Replace anything that is frayed, tattered, and worn out. Faulty wiring is one of the major causes of home electrical fires.

    - Never overburden electrical sockets. Plugging in too many things may result in overheating. The simplest guideline to using electrical sockets is to check how many spaces it has for plugs. If an electrical socket only has 2 plug outlets, then it is only capable of handling that many appliances plugged in at the same time.

    - Extension cords are alright to use, but not extensively. Under no circumstances should extension cords be used as permanent electrical sockets. Extension cords are not designed to handle powerful electricity continuously and they can cause electrical fires if overloaded.

    - Maintain and inspect all electrical tools, equipment, and appliances regularly. Use them only as instructed on their manual. Never attempt to use any tool or equipment for purposes other than what they are designed to do.

    - Some electrical appliances have 2-pronged plugs while others have 3 prongs. Never force a 2-pronged plug into a 3-pronged electrical outlet and vice versa. Appliances are given plugs according to their electricity flow needs and these must be strictly met. Otherwise, they can easily become a source of electrical fires.

    - Use safety covers on electrical sockets. These will protect children and prevent accidents from happening.

    - Keep curtains, drapes, clothes, and other flammable materials away from radiators and heaters.


    - Throw away electric blankets that have exposed cords and loose wirings. These are a major hazard as it can cause electrical fires and burn injuries to the user. As much as possible, use electric blankets that have temperature controls. These usually come with safety devices that automatically switch off the blanket if it gets too hot.

    - Do not place carpets or rugs over electrical cords and cables. Exposed electrical cords can easily ignite the carpet over it and cause a major fire. Keep electrical cords and cables where you can see them.

    - Only buy electronics and appliances that have passed all safety standards. Consumers must be extra careful nowadays because a lot of sub-par electronics and appliances have made their way into the market.

    - Watch out for fuses, bulbs, plugs, and sockets that frequently short-circuit. These are signs of faulty wiring and an overloaded electrical system. Contact an electrician to remedy this problem right away.

    - Install smoke detectors in strategic places throughout the house. Keeping them clean and maintaining them regularly can greatly prevent electrical fires from damaging a home.

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    useful info....thnx for sharing....

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