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Thread: Find Free Holiday Entertainment and Fun

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    Find Free Holiday Entertainment and Fun

    Find Free Holiday Entertainment and Fun
    With so many of us experiencing challenging times financially it helps to know that there are still plenty of free, fun and entertaining, things to do for the holidays.

    A great resource for free holiday fun is your local public library. Not only can you check out Christmas stories for the children, Christmas craft books, and other Christmas subjects, but often the public library has free holiday entertainment, ranging from free craft-making days for the children to Christmas concerts. Check with your local library to see what's going on there this holiday season. Besides this, most libraries loan out Holiday and Christmas movies, sometimes for a small fee (I think it's a dollar at my library), but still cheaper than the local video store. Plus libraries often have movies that are unusual or hard to find. Ask about Christmas story time activities for the little ones too.
    Shopping Malls often have a lot of free Christmas activities and entertainment, ranging from visits from Santa (and maybe his reindeer), Christmas music programs (often the music is provided by local high school choirs), tree lighting events, and more. Check with your area malls to see what they have planned for this years free entertainment.
    Area schools and churches often have Christmas and holiday plays and programs put on by the children, teens, or church members. Most are free. My town even has a singing Christmas tree event at one area church, all free to anyone who can fit in the door.
    Christmas parades and holiday boat light parades are another fun activity put on by the locals. These are fun for the whole family and , in my area at least, totally free.
    Christmas tree farms, and other local farms, often have free holiday events and entertainments. Sometimes the refreshments are even free. So, if you plan on picking out your own Christmas tree this year at a local Christmas tree farm, you might want to choose one that has added, free, entertainment. One of the area farms in my state even offers free sleigh rides when you come out to pick out your tree. Great family entertainment at an unbeatable price.
    Window shopping is free, and so is walking around in your neighborhood looking at the Christmas lights on all the neighbors houses.
    Enjoying nature at Christmas time and throughout the holiday season is always free too. Take a walk down a few city blocks, or a stroll through a snow covered city park, or go further afield and take a short hike through the woods. Being outside in winter weather, if you're dressed warmly, is invigorating and a very pleasant way to spend a day or a few hours, and best of all it costs nothing.


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    it shud be in talk shaak....

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