Corsica is widely known as the birthplace of Napoleon. In Ajaccio, everything reminds the traveler of the emperor: his house, the dome where he was christened, a museum, and the monuments… The island is full of high mountains and clear bays, but the most lasting experience is provided by the small cities like Calvi, Coste or Sarténe, with their characteristically Corsican style. Above the nice and various beaches there are many towers built under the Genovese rule. The city cores evoke the medieval France, while the magnificent mountains evoke the Alps. One cannot miss the Porto bay, the little villages famous of their craftsmanship, and Patrimonio with is well-known vineyard. One can take an unforgettable boat trip in the Bonifacio bay and in the sea caverns around the town. In the larger cities there are markets held on every weekend, and let us not forget that Corsica enchants people with the best of the French and local cuisine.

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