Every years on 31 Dec. billions of wishes are exchanged. It is more of a formality. No one can be sure how much these wishes are effective.

Our wishes to you, family, associates and staff are a HEALTHY, HAPPY & PROSPEROUS 2016. But the reality is, for our sincere wishes to work for you, your cooperative action is required. without your cooperative action, our wishes may be only wishful, nothing more. For our wishes to work for you, you need to bring in gradual changes in your lifestyle.

First, we have wished you HEALTHY 2016. For our wishes to work, you must adopt to a Healthy lifestyle gradually. HEALTHY means, you have to usher in Healthy era which requires changes. That is:
EAT RIGHT: means eat Healthy, that is Eat more of Proteins ( Vegetables, Salads, toned milk, curd, nuts, soya, daals, egg, chicken, fish etc., all except the first two in moderate quantities). Prefer unpolished brown rice or whole wheat chapaties. You may have mutton, ghee, butter, fried items etc. occasionally. Totally avoid Fast foods (Pizzas, Burgers, fried chicken, aerated drinks such as Pepsi, Coke, Sprite, 7up or the like, tetra packed juices) which do great harm to your health in short as well as long run). Red meats may be avoided or had occasionally).

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EXERCISE: Avoid late nights altogether to get up fresh early morning. Keep one hour aside for this one task in which do normal exercises, yoga, pranayam, jogging running or walking as per your comfort. One hour spent in this work-up will leave you tension-free or stress-free for other 23 hours. There are no tomorrows for this important task, NOW is the time, TODAY is the Day. If you have not been doing it, start the routine as suggested and in a few days, everything will be routine and a time will come when you cannot do without.


HAPPINESS: You will be Happy more by doing than by asking or by wanting. So do the following:

1. Have least Expectations from others. Do things for others to make yourself Happy not to get their approval or acclaim. 'Neki kar aur kuen mein daal' (Do Good & Forget).

2. Do not Compare with others. Be yourself because God has made you unique. Maintain your originality, never imitate or be a copycat. Do not flow with the flow but create your own identity.

3. FORGIVE Easily: Have a prejudice-free heart. Forgive, forget & move-on is the best principle in life. Do not keep grudges in your heart which do more harm to you but nothing to other person.


4. Do Not Complain, Criticize or Grumble. Leave the company of those who do it. If you can't, then simply ignore such remarks by others.

5. Adopt an ATTITUDE OF GRATITUDE. Always feel Grateful to your creator, parents, family, friends, society and the country from whom we receive so much. Be Appreciative, Encouraging and Express Gratitude instantly.

6. Have FAITH in your creator. He is the doer. Do your best in whatever you do and leave the rest to Him because you have control over action only not rewards. When you put in best action, generally best rewards will come. If they don't, keep trying. They shall, the next time.

7. Be a GIVER not a Taker. Givers are respected, takers are not. Bring some cheer, happiness, smile on others' faces for your Happiness. Do a random act of kindness everyday without telling others.

8. LOVE ALL. Spread love, goodness, harmony, bonhomie and same shall return to you. Then, embrace it.

Material things give you an illusion of Happiness while the above gives you lasting Happiness, Joy and Satisfaction. If you do the above, you will automatically be more and more Prosperous since you will attract more and more of Prosperity returning to you from all over.

Nothing will change unless you change. Bring in changes as above. Apply 10% rule which is, usher in changes slowly and gradually.

You will never look back. 2016 will have totally New Meaning for you. So will your life. God Bless us All.