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MADINAH: Pilgrims during their visit to the Prophet's Mosque are keen to visit the Rawdah, a place located between the Prophet and Aisha’s house, peace be upon them, and between the Prophet’s Minbar (or pulpit).
“Between my house and my pulpit lies a garden from the gardens of Paradise," says a Hadith from Bukhari.
The Rawdah’s borders from the eastern side is the house of Aisha, the pulpit from its western side, the qibla from its southern side, and a parallel line to the end of Aisha’s house from the northern side.
The original size is approximately 22 meters in length and 15 meters in width.
Visitors are always keen to offer nafl prayers in Rawdah, for it is considered to be the best place, except for obligatory prayers to be better performed in the first row.
"The Rawdah is part of the Prophet’s mosque, and the prayer in it equals in reward 1,000 prayers. However, there is no doubt that the Rawdah is of more excellence because the Prophet distinguished it and did not distinguish any other parts of the mosque for being a garden from the gardens of Paradise." (Bukhari)