We waste the time of our life in what does not benefit us, even feeling elated and delighted that we are doing so!
Once, Hasan Basri Rahmallah passed by a man who was laughing and asked him, “O my nephew1 Have you safely passed over the Sirat?” He said, “No”. Hasan Basri Rahmallah asked, “Have you received news that you will end up in Paradise or Hell?” He said, “No” Hasan Basri Rahmallah asked him, “Why do you laugh then, may Allah save you, while the matter ahead is horrifying?” That man was never seen laughing until he died.
It is because lusts, desires and turning away from the Hereafter have become prevalent that we give this advice:
‘Umar R.A. used to say repeatedly, “Remember the Fire often, for its heat is intense, its bottom is far down and its bars (Of torment) are made of iron.
Further, just before Fudail bin ‘Iyad Rahmallah died, he lost consciousness. When he regained consciousness, he said, “How far is my journey and little is the provision I have.
Indeed, is there a journey longer than the journey of death? What type of provisions is necessary for this journey?
“And take a provision (with you) for the journey, but the best provision is At-Taqwa (Piety, righteousness).” (2:197)
Since we are still alive, we do not know the true pain and hardship of death. However, each one of us will pass through these difficult moments and horrifying minutes, when breath will be taken aback and eyes wander around in confusion; this is when the moment of death approaches.