Where are we compared to what Sufyan Ath-Tahuri described:

“I saw an old man in the mosque at Kufah (In Iraq) saying, ‘I have been praying in this mosque for thirty years and awaiting death to

come to me. If it comes to me now, I would not ask for or against anything, for verily, no one owes me anything nor do I owe anyone


However, we, except those who Allah has granted His Mercy if death comes to us and we were given a respite, it will take us years to

prepare ourselves and pay back our dues, all the while obeying Allah as He should be obeyed. Mutarrif bin Abdullah said:

“If I knew when my life would end, I fear that I would lose my mind. Allah has granted His slaves the favor of forgetting death,

otherwise, they would not enjoy life or erect marketplaces.”

We are in the life to perform righteous deeds, yet, we fall victim to laziness. When will we work then, after death, or in the grave? We still

have time and a chance to seek and gain repentance and become active worshipping Allah.