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Sita Devi is a free-spirited person, & has close links with women's liberation groups. She would prefer that her only daughter, Anita, not marry, and be dependent on her husband, a man, but instead be single and free. When her brother passes away, he leaves behind a vaste fortune to be paid to Anita. The only condition is that she must be married in order to inherit it. Sita Devi then hires an unemployed artiste, Preetam Kumar, to be a temporary groom for Anita, for a few months, and then divorce each other. Sita Devi's plan materializes, and soon Anita and Preetam are married. After the marriage, Sita Devi, instructs Preetam to keep away from Anita, but fate has other plans in store for these three.

GENRE - Comedy| Romance| Musical
DIRECTOR - Guru Dutt
STARRING - Guru Dutt, Madhubala, Lalita Pawar, Johnny Walker, Kumkum, Tun Tun, Agha, Moni Chatterjee, Jagdeep, Al Nasir, C.S. Dubey