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    If you spend a lot of time on your computer, it makes sense to keep your schedule or calendar there, too, since that's where you're most likely to see it. Desktop-Reminder is a simple program that can alert you to scheduled tasks, ensuring that you don't miss an important appointment or deadline.
    The program's interface is quite simple, consisting of an area where scheduled tasks are listed and a few buttons across the top. Creating a new task is easy; you simply enter the date, time (if desired), description, and recurrence. Although many programs of this sort let you set priority levels for tasks, Desktop-Reminder does not. It does, however, let you select the point at which a task becomes marked as urgent, for example, two days before it's due. True to its name, Desktop-Reminder lets you set alerts that notify them when a task is coming due; these alerts are functional enough but not particularly customizable. One thing we didn't like about Desktop-Reminder was its lack of a calendar view; all of the tasks are listed chronologically, but there's no way to view them on a weekly or monthly basis. The program also lacks a Help file, although this is not a serious drawback; there are too few features for a Help file to really be necessary. Overall, we think that Desktop-Reminder is a fine program for those seeking a bare-bones reminder, but it will likely be a disappointment to people who desire a more full-featured scheduler.


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    Click here to download Desktop-Reminder

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    Simple task
    Creating a simple task is as easy as typing its description and the start date. Time of day, recurrence and urgency are optional.

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    Repeated task
    Yearly and monthly repeated tasks are defined in two ways:
    Absolute (i.e. 14 April),
    Relative (i.e. 2nd Saturday of April)

    If the year of birth is defined, e.g. 1912, the age is displayed in brackets in the task description.

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    Alarm message
    For every task with a defined time of day a reminder with an acoustic alarm is shown.

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    Search and filter
    Text-Filter is a quick way to search and find a task.

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    Date Navigator
    Date Navigator is a kind of a month calendar. Dates for defined tasks are bold. Date Navigator can be flexibly docked inside and outside of the program window.

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