So after Ayyan Ali, Asif Zardari, KASUR & Model Town Culprits.. now Dr Asim Hussain is also about to get a clean chit. Rangers tirelessly made a case against him, handed him over to our Judicial System and suddenly SINDH POLICE drop all anti terrorist charges on him, make it a "Corruption" case and now only NAB can investigate him. We all know how effective Sindh Police and NAB are. Soon Dr. Asim will be released on bail and BAM, its over!!! Jiye Bhutto, Jiye Altaf and Shair Aaya!!! You know who is to blame? You are to blame, I am to blame, we the PEOPLE of PAKISTAN are responsible for tolerating this open gang rape of our Country. Wake up!!! Before those who are desperately trying to actually bring change....finally give up!!!


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