Do what Allah say you to do..
Do what Allah say you to do and see the out coming result, Allah said Nuh (alihuwsallam) to build the ship means build the ship, do what Allah says, His people mocked at him, O Nuh you alone will build the ship ? Where is the water Nuh to sail the ship ? O now you become carpenter? It is Allah fulfilled the promise, drowned His enemy and saved Nuh (alihussalam) and his people.
The mother of Musa (alihussalam), Allah said to throw the child in river, sisters knows very well how it hard to throw infant in river, Allah said to do and Allah promised that He (glory to him) will return it back and will make him (Musa) among messengers,. Allah fulfilled His promise and return back infant to mother.
Ibrahim (alihussalam), Allah said to leave his son and wife in Makkah a barren land, imagine? in another trail, Allah said to slaughter his son Ismail and he did but see what happened,,, you all know about this story.
Keep yaqeen (certainty) in Allah and do what Allah commands you to do and Allah will defiantly help you and support you, when Musa (alihussalam) ran away with his people bani isreal and Firoun and his people pursued them and finally the sea in front of them and they back army of Firoun, what did Musa (alihussalam) said” “My Lord is with me and he will guide me” the sea separated and Allah saved Musa (alihussalam) and his people and drowned Firoun.
Do what Allah and His Rasool (alihuws salatu wa salam) said, “Allah said don’t eat Riba (interest), orphan money, cheating others, Haram earning” stop it then see Allah will make a way for Halal risk (provision), Allah commands He alone to be worship, to pray, fast, zakat, hajj, then do it,,,, Allah will bring a lot of blessing in this life and hereafter.
May Allah make it easy on us to Follow His commands and commands of Rasool Allah (sallaihu alihuwas sallam)..