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Thread: Deepika Padukone Unofficial Calendar 2016

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    Deepika Padukone Unofficial Calendar 2016

    Deepika Padukone shares a close bond with her family, and visits them regularly in her hometown of Bangalore. She lives by herself in Prabhadevi, a neighbourhood in Mumbai, and admits to missing the presence of her family there. She says, "I miss them, but luckily I have a life of my own, which keeps me from getting homesick. I wouldn’t want them to uproot their lives from Bengaluru just to be with me." A practicing Hindu, Padukone considers religion to be an important aspect of her life and makes frequent visits to temples and other religious shrines. She has also been outspoken on issues such as feminism and has said, "New feminism isn't about being aggressive; it's about reaching the top yet being soft. It's about being you — feminine, strong and full of will power.” In a 2015 interview, Padukone spoke about her personal experience of overcoming depression, and she has since launched an initiative to create awareness on mental health in India.

    here is her unofficial calendar for year 2016 , its my effort , i hope you will like it

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