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Thread: The Vacuum cleaner-A GOOD Advise

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    The Vacuum cleaner-A GOOD Advise

    A new vacuum cleaner salesman knocked on the door on the first house of the street.


    A tall lady answered the door.

    Before she could speak, the enthusiastic salesman barged into the living room and opened a big black plastic bag and poured all the cow droppings onto the carpet.

    "Madam, if I could not clean this up with the use of this new powerful vacuum cleaner, I will eat all this s...! " exclaimed the eager salesman.

    Do you need chili sauce or ketchup with that" asked the lady.

    The bewildered salesman asked, " Why, Madam?"

    "We just moved in, & there's no electricity in the house!"

    Moral :

    Gather all required information before working on any project..

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    hahahahahahaha..... it was so funny.... i liked it alot...

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    Yes ..........there is a joke and a message.
    Good one.

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