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It's also an attack on Lebanon, Syria and Iraq... but thanks for remembering.


Enough with your selective ‪#‎Humanity‬ and ‪#‎Sympathy‬.

The blood that runs in the streets of Paris today is the same as the blood that flows through the streets of Palestine, Syria, Iraq, Afghanistan, Yemen, Somalia, Egypt, Libya, Burma and Pakistan everyday.

Yet somehow the bloodied 'White' streets of the West are far more appalling to our sensibilities than the bloodied streets of the 'Other', especially, it seems, when it is us or our allies shedding the blood of the 'other.'

Seems like the whole world including the shallow celebrities have come out to "Pray for Paris". What happened today in Paris happens everyday in Muslims countries but do we hear the media talking about it?

While France and other Western states can tighten or close their borders, no such privilege is afforded Gaza, Idlib, Bagdad, Kabul, Mogadishu, Sanaa, or Beirut. ‪#‎Hypocricy‬ ‪#‎SelectiveHumanity‬