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    Strange Love

    ‘I saw her first in a village fair. She was eating sweets. I fell in love instantly. I fell in love when I was seventeen. My father was a farmer, so am I. She was the only girl from the respectable Mia Bari. I could not say anything to her as she belongs to a rich family. But I continued to follow her everywhere secretly and silently. In three years I did not say a word to her. Then a very good marriage proposal came for her and I knew that I had to watch her royal marriage helplessly. At the night of her engagement I cried my heart out by sitting on my boat in the river side near my house. Suddenly I saw someone was running towards the boat and before I understood anything, she started rowing the boat. Even in my dream, I never imagined something that could happen in my life. The first thing she said to me was, ‘Stupid, you are very stupid.’ It’s been forty years she is calling me stupid every day. I am very happy to be a stupid.
    - Makbul Mia ( 60) talked about love of his love


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    Humans of Mumbai: Indian knife sharpener on a bicycle!

    The local Indian blade sharpener uses a unique bicycle-powered device to sharpen all kinds of blades, knives. We spotted this craftsman at a busy street in Fort, Mumbai. A dying profession... today it is quite rare to find one of these in the city.

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