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Forgive me here, but I'm a little confused. The title states "High Fashion Swimwear" photo shoot on the beach. I hope you look at my avatar and realize that I'm not just a woman, but a personal trainer and fitness model. It totally cracks up to see videos like this because if the shoot is "fashion" then the focus should be on the outfits and NOT the girls nor the ocean background. None of what I see would cause me to buy the suits, although there are a couple I like. So what is with the gang of people on set? LOL All you need is the designer to convey how they want to show their "outfits", a MUA, the photographer and perhaps an assistant. Anything more is a waste of resources!


Mr. Arthur St. John, forgive me but again, as a fitness model,. I see nothing high end about these suits. May I remind you when I go into a store to shop for swimwear, we (ladies) do not see models like these in the various suits for sale. However I do see it more as exploitation of the models, the MUA and the designer. How? You take the photos and hence you own the copyrights. Correct? You are going to add your copyright and market your photography with a copyright on the image. Moreover, I'm sure your model release allows you edit the images in "any" way you see fit and may not be in the best interest(s) of the model(s) or the designer. For example: Make their boobs bigger, slim hips or thighs and a host of other edits. Can you grasp why we hate and dread shopping for swimwear?

I've had my fair share of run ins with such photogs and other pervs I call perv-tographers. I finally found a small health & fitness company that designs and sells swimwear, fitness wear, custom competition suits, juicers, blenders, supplements and a few other things. They have sales revenues of a few million annually, but what makes them different is they ask me and the other models as well as customers "what would it take for you to buy this outfit?" Often my head is not shown, my hands are never blocking the suit, I pose so you can see the crotch and how much coverage it has. If it is wide (more than 2.5 inches it can roll and be uncomfortable! I want to see the back panel and again how much it covers! I want to see details of any embellishments, fasteners, ties, etc. In the video the one model has a blue bottom on and half a wedgie! That makes me want to buy that so-called high end suit.

With the company I work for, we take the time to pose correctly and make sure the suit looks the best it can be. We don't do glamour modeling as seen here as at the end of the day, yeah it looks nice, but seriously how much value does it add to sell the suit(s)? I love working for this company and when we do a shoot it just me (the model), the designer who is also their photographer and a mua. That's it! It keeps overhead down! Editing is normally quick, easy and their is input from the models and designer. Generally its just a bit of touch up. Plus posing wise we strive for 3 front shots, 3 side shots and 3 back shots. We reviewing and editing it more of 9 min. to about 20 per outfit. That really reduces the number of shots we have to look through to find the best shot.... and it reduces editing time!

I would ask what is the totally cost to do a shoot as seen in this video? include editing and video work/editing as well. Now let me ask what is the average cost of the suits? How many suits does the designer have to sell to cover the cost of a shoot like this not to mention overhead of the business? How much are you charging an hour or per day to shoot. And please don't tell me these models were paid TFP / TFCD of like 10 images edited your way. That is exploitation of the models!

Half to three quarters of the suit this company makes are high end as they are more custom and with high end rhinestones and other embellishments. I just asking to call it what it is... a glamour shoot where the focus is more on the models than the suits. Just my 2 cents and not offence.