In India where nearly 21000 people die every day due to hunger, holy bath of Gods idols with milk was much in debate lately. But crossing the boundary - Kishore Shet, the newly elected councilor from Canacona, Goa catapulted himself into viral world by taking holy bath with milk on his victory. He is one of the 5 BJP councilors who won from the small town of Canacona, but he felt it necessary to mark his victory by taking a milk bath from his supporters.
This new way of celebration is definitely going beyond the tradition of cracking firework, misusing the prized resource in a hungry country, and setting wrong examples for the supporters and political fraternity.
The Logical Indian Community denounces this act of flamboyance and urge all the fellow Indians not to indulge in overboard ceremonies of political victories. They are your servants not masters; don’t make them Gods, otherwise no God can save you from their misuse of power.

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