Love, Sympathy, Kindness. Responsibility...
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A little girl came home happily "mom, I want to have a bicycle, would you mind buying me one?" asked her mother.
Mother broke deep inside, got sad but "sure dear;" said tenderly. "I will buy one for you and you can play with your friends.
Late at night when everyone fell asleep, mother was crying near her ill husband's bed, "why we are this poor that can't buy even one thing of all our daughter want!"
Poor father was sad hardly ever and he cried as well.
Next day the little girl was silent but happy eating her breakfast.
Mother came closer to her, fondled her hair, smiled "well... I thought all night and decided to do something." she said.
"what?" little girl asked.
"let's promise both of us," she said, "you promise to get 10 top mark at school and I promise to buy you a bicycle then. Ok?"
Little girl got happy and accepted.
Every night her mother checked her papers. She was doing well
A few days later her mother noticed that still she has just eight top marks.
She felt sad that her little daughter lose her motivation and she won't believe in what she says again.
Tomorrow she went to buy something for home.
when she was buying some apples, she saw the fruitier using some papers to pack the fruits.
She picked one of them to read, surprisingly it was her daughter's handwriting.
"sorry, where did you find this paper? "She asked the man.
"oh, madam," he said, "I have a little friend, she said her mother asked her to get 10 top mark at school so that she will buy a bicycle for her, but for they're poor, she gave her top papers to me to not force her family doing something they can't.
Love, sympathy, kindness, responsibility are not related to our age, culture and education!
They should be somewhere deep in our hearts.