CM Shehbaz Sharif today paid a two and a half hours long surprise visit to District Headquarters Hospital Kasur. He reached the hospital by an ordinary coach without protocol and checked the medical facilities available to the patients. He went to different wards of the hospital and inquired after the patients and asked about medical assistance being provided to them. The Chief Minister expressed his strong indignation over the poor sanitary conditions in the hospital, filth in toilets, non-availability of water and lights and dirty bed sheets and strongly reprimanded the hospital administration. He issued instructions for immediate improvement of cleanliness arrangements in the hospital. Shehbaz Sharif expressed his dissatisfaction over the performance of District Coordination Officer Kasur, Medical Superintendent of District Headquarters Hospital and EDO Health and said that provision of best medical facilities in the hospital was their responsibility which they failed to perform. He said that he was disappointed with the arrangements for the provision of medical facilities in the hospital as well as the condition of wards.

Talking to media-men and patients on this occasion, the Chief Minister said that those who do not serve the ailing humanity have no right to stay on their posts. He said that Punjab government is spending billions of rupees on improving the condition of hospitals and provision of quality treatment facilities to the patients. He said that improper use of funds is a criminal negligence. He said that the benefits of the resources spent for the improvement of medical facilities in hospitals should reach the masses and hospitalsí administration will have to improve the conditions and provide best medical facilities to the patients. The Chief Minister while taking notice of poor cleanliness conditions in wards and non-availability of medicines in District Headquarters Hospital Kasur, said that the officials concerned will be held accountable and those guilty of negligence will be punished. While taking notice of filthy condition of hospital toilets and non-availability of water and lights, Shehbaz Sharif expressed his extreme displeasure and said that absence of basic facilities for patients in the hospital is a big question mark on the efficiency of hospital administration and Health Department authorities. The Chief Minister while taking action on the complaint of non-availability of medicines in the hospital ordered scrutiny of the record of medicines supplied and used in District Headquarters Hospital Kasur and said that those found involved in negligence will not escape punishment. He said that he was shocked over the state of affairs of District Headquarters Hospital and added that had the institutions concerned and the administration paid attention the situation would have been different. He said that wastage of resources provided for the provision of medical facilities to the masses will not be allowed. He said that no negligence will be tolerated in the provision of best and timely medical assistance to the patients in hospital and authorities concerned will have to improve the situation. The Chief Minister said that DCO, MS of the hospital and EDO Health should be ashamed of the condition of the hospital. The attendants of the patients while complaining to the Chief Minister said that they are asked to bring medicines from market. The Chief Minister ordered DCO to immediately repay the money spent by the patients on the purchase of medicines. He said that service to ailing humanity is rewarded by Allah Almighty in this world and also in the world hereafter. He expressed indignation over dirty bed sheets in hospital wards as well as the overall cleanliness conditions. He ordered scrutiny of the record of medicine stock and sought a report at the earliest.

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