A little Syrian girl selling tissues on the streets of Turkey to help her family survive, is absolutely shaken when she sees a man in uniform (police) come towards her. So much so, she grabs on to a passer by for dear life. Despite the officer's attempt to calm her down, she repeatedly begs to be let go and promises to not do it again, thinking she is going to be punished for her crimes. Her style used to make the emphatic promise was the gesture used by some Arabs of kissing her hand and placing her finger on her forehead, which children use when asking for forgiveness after doing something terribly wrong.
Imagine what these children suffered that scars them like this.

Watch a child Syria sell napkins cangandala terrified when she saw the police coming towards her, she held on to the man passing to protect her. The turkish police trying to calm the survey on her head and kiss her. In behavior highlights the psychological background of the Children of Syria towards "military dress." The reaction of the Syrian girl (Aisha 5 years) sells wipes in Turkey when she saw a police officer .. and how she took cling the pedestrians because of the fear even calmed her down and took her back to her family !!!

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