Editor's Mail
Russia seems to have finally decided to end uni-polar supremacy of USA and its almost colonial-like policy of interference in Middle East, redrawing geographical boundaries, seeking regime changes and in the process creating so much turmoil that today peace in the region is in shatters and extremism and terrorism are unleashed by groups such as ISIS or DAESH. It is unfortunate that the US ambition to control oil reserves in Middle East and its tunnel like vision of securing Israel and supporting it has provided an opportunity for terrorism to fill vacuum created by mindless destruction of comparatively stable regimes that existed in Libya, Iraq, and its failed attempt of regime change in Syria.One can only hope that Russia re-emerges as a balancing world power, in partnership with China, seeking a more reformed and constructive role in restoring world peace, while political leadership of USA starts following in letter and spirit shining principles laid down by their leaders such as George Washington, Abraham Lincoln and men like Martin Luther King Jr, instead of mediocrity like George Bush etc. It is the birth right of every human being to practise their faith, live securely within their countries with no right of interference by any other country, however powerful they might be, including those who are permanent members of the Security Council of UN.Millions of refugees are today fleeing Syria and Iraq to seek for themselves their basic right to live, free from torments of war, and in the process thousands have died while fleeing to Europe in overcrowded boats.The sufferings of Muslim world have increased manifold since the collapse of former Soviet Union. Millions have died in merciless wars unleashed upon countries on fake charges such as weapons of mass destruction etc. It does not shake conscience of the Western world when their rulers turn a blind eye to destruction and massive loss of civilian lives by missiles and ruthless aerial bombing of Palestinian civilians living in what is nothing but a large concentration camp called Gaza by Israel. In the process nobody who lives in the region is safe, including Israel.