A Gun Camouflaged as a Mobile Phone

This is mobile (cell phone) that appears to be like any ordinary phone from the outside but is in fact also a .22 calibre gun. Its a properly working phone that can be used to make and receive calls and not one of those gimmicky phones merely designed to hide its main purpose - the gun. I would assume that in this case the main purpose is probably the phone, or both in equal measure.
Inside the phone there are 4 barrels and pins with bullets. The gun is able to fire these shots in quick succession as the video below demonstrates. The keypad on the phone works as trigger for firing. I must say it was quite discomforting watching that even if it was only a demonstration.
I would assume a product like this would be banned in the UK and much of Europe, however, it may be available to be bought in the US and other countries freely where gun ownership is much more readily accessible, although I am not totally sure.

My worry is that if a product like this openly available, it would appeal to teenagers which could have really dangerous repercussions.

With enough gun problems as it is, especially with teenagers, I, for one, am not too keen on guns camouflaged as mobile and other fancy gadgets. To me, this is glamourising something we really need control of, especially in light of the spate of shootings in colleges and shopping centres across America recently that have been headlining the news. Its reassuring to know that a gadget like this is banned in most places though.