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Thread: 4 Females and 1 Male Bird

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    4 Females and 1 Male Bird

    I'm not a bird expert, but I believe there are four females and one male.

    Name:  Female Birds  - nidokidos_group.jpg
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    Female Chimps Talk More "Negative": Study

    A study reveals female chimps talk more negative.
    Research involving chimpanzees from the Chester Zoo in the United Kingdom shows that female chimps use more negative or aggressive gestures and signals when communicating with other females.
    Nicole Scott, a PhD student from the university of Minnesota, Minneapolis studied the group of chimps saying: "There is a belief...that males are more aggressive than females. Some researchers likely will have trouble accepting my results since I show that females are also aggressive. It's not that they are more aggressive, just different from males in their use of aggression."
    Her research shows that males exhibit the same gesture strategy whether they are communicating with males or females, while the female chimps used different gestures depending on whether the chimp they were communicating with was male or female.
    Female chimpanzee behavior has been shown to vary between groups, but overall males have proved to be more social and cooperative with each other than females.
    One study of chimps in the wild found that males spend less time alone, have more grooming partners and spend more time grooming each other than females do.
    But female chimpanzees were still found to spend 82 percent of their time with other chimps.

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