Motorola Hint QA30 Non-Smartphone Messaging Hardware
Motorola Hint QA30 Non-Smartphone Messaging Hardware: The device is branded as a media playback device with a full 3.5mm headphone jack, Bluetooth with stereo audio, dedicated playback keys and a microSDHC slot that holds 8GB or more of storage. A two-megapixel camera at the back handles basic photo and video capture.
the Hint is designed for social networking with e-mail, SMS and text-heavy social sites like Facebook. Motorola claims a more advanced web browser than on most simpler devices with quick scrolling and zooming for navigating pages. The handset has the recent squat, wide-aspect design of devices like the LG Lotus to make room for a full QWERTY keyboard.
Motorola conspicuously omits network support and pricing for the phone, which ships before the end of the year. However, both official shots and a recent leak confirm the Hint QA30 is coming to Alltel and should support both CDMA calling and EVDO data. Photos of the phone also reveal support for streaming XM Radio.