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Thread: c & d drives not open but explore, it open

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    c & d drives not open but explore, it open

    hello friends,

    in my computer, i am facing the problem of not opening my c & d drives with double click on it. but, if i explore it, i am showing my files.

    so, anybody know how to solve it ?

    please help me. if you have solution, & without lossing of any data pls send me a tricks through e-mail.

    thanks regarding

    nick shah


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    Most probably this might happen due to the virus infection on your computer. Some times when you double click on it, it will open “open with” dialog instead of go in to that.
    First you install a virus guard & update it. Then scan entire hard disk,
    If you have already installed a virus guard, update it & scan. If it not detect anything. Un install v guard & re-install it & up date ASAP. after scan immediately. (Please try to avoid re-starting the system until you perform a scan)
    You must find a virus detected & clean /delete it or move it to the quarantine. There after re-start the system with Win XP OS CD & perform a repair instead of re-installing it.

    This will give you a good result, I hope.

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    U can search in google serach engine
    Type unable to open C D drives
    There are easy ways to edit the register and remove it.I used it once.

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    Yes Rastha,... you are correct there are so many. so i'm inserting some tips i found there fr all of your easy.
    As i know how terible this is & lots of are having this issue.

    1)go to command prompt and write this command
    c:\> attrib -r -s -h autorun.inf
    c:\> del autorun.inf
    d:\> attrib -r -s -h autorun.inf
    d:\> del autorun.inf
    restart the pc
    (If you have any more drivers like E, F, pls do the same fist two commands fr that drivers also)

    2) first go to run then write " regedit" that is registry

    then find " ctrl+f"

    in this box write "mountpoints2" and delete it ......

    then again press "ctrl+f" again find mountpoints2 until all these files are not deleted

    then u will see ur problems is solved................

    Another way to delete mountpoints2 files

    go to the start>run>type regedit>then click in f3>and search for mountpoints2...and delete all of it..

    3) try disk heal software

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    nice but i have a solution thta is combofix. it is a software which correct all virus infected problem

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