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Thread: Lock and unlock your PC with USB

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    Lock and unlock your PC with USB

    Predator Free Edition

    If you leave your PC unattended and running in a public area, how do you keep people from using it? You have several options, but one of the easiest we've tried is Predator Free. This free security tool locks and unlocks your PC when you remove or insert a USB drive. When your thumbdrive is removed, Predator locks your PC and darkens your screen if anyone tried to use it without entering the password. You can enable passwords for every operation or just once, which adds convenience if you're often away from your desk. It also logs activity and can sound an optional alarm. If you lose your USB drive or don't have it handy, you can still unlock your PC with your password.

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    Click here to download Predator

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    After installation process is complete, Predator will show you some instructions, like define the password and insert USB flash drive; then Click OK to proceed.

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    Set your password and select your USB drive from Drive menu.

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    When Predator is monitoring, it shows green icon on your taskbar. You can right click the Predator icon and select option including: Preferences, Schedule, Events Log and also Pause monitoring.

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    Change settings of Predator from Preferences.

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    You can easily set Schedule to lock your system on the desired timings.

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    And you can check Predator's log which shows all activities happened on Predator.

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