Work Strategy for 'The Defenders of Reason in Islam'
Re-Focus to ProgressUncontested Space beyond sects, for positive contribution to the welfare of humanity

Power Source of closed minded Religious Leadership
SECT: A common Muslim wants to remain at distance from Sects and Dogmas. He doesn’t have knowledge or expertise to maintain or initiate sects.
Earning From Religion: An Educated Pondering Muslim has non-religious skills or resources to earn money. He doesn’t want to earn money through religion knowledge or work.
Ownership of Mosques: Mosques are made and owned by sects. There is hardly any mosque free from sect. This allows sect to have a prime workplace to advance its economic and spiritual activities.
Appearance: Contrary to tunnel thinking An Educated Pondering Muslim does not use religious dress or make religious appearance. He belongs to advanced educated system integrated with all disciplines of life.
Emotional Base: An Educated Pondering Muslim use arguments, not based upon emotions or secondary sources of information.
Prophet Model Vetted By People: An Educated Pondering Muslim, for an argument, does not use traditions that are authenticated by people but not vetted by Quran. For Hadith as argument, the criterion must me that, The Hadith does not contradict Quran.
Factors to De-emphasized
THEOLOGY: A common Muslim is not expert in theology. He knows history but have not read books of medieval Islamic scholars. On the other hand, religion scholars come from an education system, which was the best system during medieval times but is obsolete now. Theology is still an isolated mystical system with no new ideas allowed. Even the PhD student of theology is not allowed to go outside the given sources

Strength of The Educated Muslims
Prophet Model Vetted By Quran: An Educated Pondering Muslim, for an argument, use traditions that are authenticated by people and are vetted by Quran. Quran and Hadith must not be on opposite sides of an argument.
Authenticity: Use Of Primary Sources: An Educated Pondering Muslim never compromise on authenticity of an information. He always uses information, either from the primary original source or authenticated by an original source. Authenticity is the major strength of an Educated Pondering Muslim.
وَالَّذِينَ إِذَا ذُكِّرُوا بِآيَاتِ رَبِّهِمْ لَمْ يَخِرُّوا عَلَيْهَا صُمًّا وَعُمْيَانًا Sura Al Furqaan 25 Ayah 73: These people are not swayed by emotions and they take every step after a lot of deliberation, so much so that even when the Divine Laws are presented to them, they do not submit to these by ignoring their intellect, wisdom, rationale and reason. Also, they do not respond to them as if they were deaf and blind. They adopt the Divine Laws only after careful consideration

Depth Of The Knowledge Of The Quran: For an Educated Pondering Muslim, who wants to advance the cause of Islam, the knowledge of Quran is critical. He is ready to accept enhanced understanding any time from anywhere, which must originate from the original word of Quran.
Rational Thinking – Relate Quran To Daily Life: Rational Thinking is the major strength of an Educated Pondering Muslim. He does not have non-rational views and avoids mystical arguments. He talks with clarity in ideas.
To Empower Educated Muslims

Integration of Quran and World Knowledge: is the exclusive strength of an Educated Pondering Muslim. It is a new field with new rules of the game.
Respect to All, Sect Free Environment: To remain respectful and secular is important to reach people. We learn it from role model of prophet SWS. Luckily it is a new and exclusive field for an Educated Pondering Muslim.

Work of Allah Explain Word of Allah:It is a new and exclusive field opened recently to an Educated Pondering Muslim. Dogmatic Mullah CAN NOT ADOPT the above appraoch. This field can lead the way From dogmatic Islam Towards Deen Islam.