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There’s no need to hold the steering wheel or step on the gas anymore, as scientists from China’s Nankai University have invented a car that can be controlled with only brainpower.

On Wednesday, the car went through a test in the university, in which testers successfully mind-controlled the car to perform tasks such as starting the engine, moving forward and backward, and braking.

According to Xinhua, the car is installed with a computer system and electronic control units, which can receive signals from a matching headgear with 16 brain wave sensors.

The project is co-developed by the research team from Nankai University and carmaker Great Wall Motor. Team leader Duan Feng said he hopes the technology could transform driving and help disabled people drive.

Though the test was proved to be a success, Duan said the car is not prepared to come on the market yet. In the next phase the team will further improve the car’s electric system, to make it a safer, more user-friendly product.

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