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Thread: I will survive the next 5 years, but you people wont be able to

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    I will survive the next 5 years, but you people wont be able to

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    My mother is a founding member of PTI. I admired Imran Khan as a hero but had no interest in politics. But once my mom introduced me to him,Khan sb was really happy to see me and said to my mom:"Oh she's your daughter? Must be very hardworking". That was a big compliment for me! I have always felt that Khan sb is more concerned about the wellbeing of this nation than his personal wellbeing.

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    People criticise him but for me, I have more faith in him than I do in some of my own people. Perhaps that is because he picks and chooses the best. Before I got involved in politics I studied every politician on issues of loyalty, tax, assets, doing something for Pakistan.

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    I found khan Sahab different from them all. Everyone has taken from Pakistan but Khan Sahab has only given; World Cup, Shaukat khanum, Namal, PTI, awareness to the youth...I always found something to give to Pakistan in Khan Sahabs account. This is the reason why I have so much trust in him. One other thing I admire about Khan Sahab is that as much opportunity he gives to men to serve the party, he gives the same opportunity to women as well. My mother has given many sacrifices for the party but party should not forget local old people on the joining of new. For this reason we all must be united, especially the women.


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    In my opinion the dharna mobilized women politically, and because of this dharna we got a bhabhi too! (Laugh) Whether anyone does or not, I support Reham Khan. She is a strong woman who will do something for women in this country; in my opinion she is a good match for Khan Sahab.

    During dharna days my feelings were reaffirmed when I used to see Khan sb do a Jalsa in one city and come back to Islamabad for dharna, it made me realise, and Im sure he also knows that he's a Godsend to Pakistan which is why he's making all these sacrifices for us!
    I still cant forget his words from the hospital bed: "I will survive the next 5 years, but you people wont be able to"!
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