Visual Voicemail For The T-Mobile G1
No longer can iPhone owners brag about Visual Voicemail as the T-Mobile G1 now has a version of their own. For those who are not in the know, Visual Voicemail allows the user to check out their voicemail inbox that has been sorted chronogically by caller, and you're able to know just how many voicemails there are waiting, listening to those whom you want to as well as skipping on the unimportant ones. Thanks to PhoneFusion, Visual Voicemail will hit the Android Market before the year is over, featuring the following :-

* PhoneFusion One - User Defined Communications suite
* PhoneFusion Call Center Edition - Virtual call center
* PhoneFusion Office Edition - Office phone system with UDC features
* PhoneFusion Notification Edition – Time-urgent messaging to mass audiences
* PhoneFusion Call Tracking Edition - Marketing campaign management suite combined with data mining
* PhoneFusion Custom Edition - Mash-Ups, custom development and systems integration
* PhoneFusion White Label Edition - Enables virtual UDC providers, private labels all solutions above