HTC Touch Cloned With HB 778
Guess the HB 778 is yet another cloning effort from China, land of melamine-tainted milk and biscuits. Resembling a HTC Touch Diamond or Touch Pro, the HB 778 aims to fool the less informed with its close resemblance to HTC's celebrated smartphones. Features of the HB 778 include :-

* 2.8" touchscreen display
* Dual slider design
* QWERTY keyboard
* TV functionality
* Integrated FM radio
* Haptic feedback
* 1 megapixel camera
* Bluetooth connectivity
* Dual SIM slot
* microSD memory card slot


A one megapixel camera? That's totally lame, dude. You can be sure you get what you pay for, since the HB 778 retails for just $151 - a far cry from HTC's souped up handsets.