Meet the topper of the UPSC exam: Ira Singhal. Ira had cleared the exam before as well but this time she topped the competitive exam. Apart from her five girls are in the top ten students.

as she is a physical handicap but she did not give up. she also secured a rank to be a part in INDIAN ADMINISTRATION as an IRS officer DopT did not allow her to do so according to news articles after those obstacles she has made it to IAS now she is an ideal of women empowerement of India. she shown that being a challenged person one can make it to led thousand of unchallenged persons.
Life never of the biggest example made by the UPSC CSE 2014 topper Ms. Ira ,who is differently abled made history by getting AIR 1, has broken the barriers and proved that nothing can stop you from doing anything ,strong will power ,and confidence can lay down the whole world below your feet..

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