The putrid, pungent smell of decaying dead bodies is how CNN describes it, a tragedy in Karachi where the victims, mostly poor, do not even get dignity in death. A charity built morgue by Edhi is the one trying to accommodate the deceased, a cold storage room turned into a furnace due to continued power cuts. Power cuts combined with unforgiving heat plague the living left behind; the elderly and the children most vulnerable. The poor remain without electricity and water. In this entire overwhelming situation, government run hospitals are being owned by ordinary citizens providing donations, voluntary services, water, and even medicines as the state continues to fail to provide any semblance of adequate relief. Ambulances, medicines, and relief efforts provided by charities...where is the state that we so speak of? CNN's heart wrenching report on the fate of Karachi's deceased, and the living poor subjected to unforgiving weather conditions.

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