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The human traffickers exploiting miseries of Rohingya people in Myanmar (Burma):

Human-Traffickers promising to Rohingya Muslims in Arkan a safe journey away from persecution and a new life at a safe place, instead of helping these innocents the human traffickers are raping young girls, beating, starve, thrust and often kill those who put their trust in them and in some cases burying them alive. They're the human smugglers trading in human misery in Burma (Myanmar) ‪#‎Shame‬.

Please help and support to help crying humanity:

Account Title: Ansar Burney Trust International
Bank: Habib Bank Limited
Account Number: 7900229503
Branch Code: 0051
IBAN: PK19HABB0000517900229503
Bank Branch Address: Habib Bank Ltd, Arambagh Road Branch, Karachi, Pakistan

Account Name : Ansar Burney Welfare Trust International
Bank: HSBC
Account Number: 61620746
Sort Code: 40-23-13
International Bank Account Number : GB16MIDL40231361620746
HSBC Bank Address: HSBC, 26-28 St. Annís Road, Harrow, London, HA1 1LA. United Kingdom

Ansar Burney Trust International
6 - Hassan Manzil,
Arambagh Road,
Karachi - Pakistan
Phone: + 92 21 32623382 - 83
Mobile: 03000 602202
Email: [email protected]