Super Dad!
Nothing prevents work honestly with when we love our children, to our family. There is no excuse or reason to be stealing or delinquiendo.

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Rene Vega Benitez, 67, popularly known as the "Kid". He is originally from Lota, but 35 years living in Coronel. And six decades ago, he lost his legs in an accident. His occupation is to be enfierrador master of the construction. That's what you do for a lifetime. Had a very good teacher who taught him what it takes to carry out this work, not everyone can make it in the world of construction. I work, so I do not feel disabled. Bosses do not discriminate against me because they know I make hits. If they tell me to go see something on the second or third floor, I will, because I created tired arm strength, "says the man, who at seven years lost his legs in a train accident sad.
tragic episode

The story still remember in detail: while going to seek coal with a friend, in Lota, was hit by a train. The result was that lost both lower limbs. Less clear is his memory of that traumatic moment that the story takes Vega is full of detail.

"I held from two in the afternoon and the ambulance did not arrive, I was taken in a truck. Then I did two operations, they stuck to sinks with hot water and eight later gave me sleepy and I told the doctor, and he hugged me excitedly, "says Vega, who says that from the flagman of the railway line, to the doctor who aided were dismayed with her condition after the accident.

It was about a year in the Hospital of Lota Alto-Enacar. "My mother told me to put an injection to kill me, but my mother said she would know how to take care of myself," says the man, who was able to get ahead.

To go to school, after a year of high, he used a truck that made his father and that he was moved by two classmates.

Currently, the household of Rene Benitez Vega consists of his wife, Maria Aravena, and four children: Robert, 33, Gary (32), Maria (30) and Rene (26). In his only daughter, he confesses, he is the weakness of this brave man. "She is my jewel, I suffered a lot when he left the house, but I stand," he says with shining eyes.

The love between Vega and his wife was born when he was 32 and she only 19. Nobody wanted together, says Maria, who says it was very difficult for her to maintain this relationship because he brought many conflicts with his family. "People poisoned the head of my family, I should not go with him, that was not for me and I kept going. I had problems in my home and I was punished, but I was always rebellious. We lasted about six months and got married , the only one with me at the ceremony was my mother. I always said that I would live charity and here we are, "said Aravena.

"With the birth of my first child, the situation is managed. With my brothers greeted each other and slowly, as time went into the house of my parents my husband," she adds.

In their daily lives, "Kid" works in construction, stating proudly that could support his wife and his house with his daily efforts.
To move, he argues, is coming to the public transportation on their own without the aid of a wheelchair.