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Thread: There are no ambulances to take the dying to hospitals

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    Exclamation There are no ambulances to take the dying to hospitals

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    بجلی غائب، اسپتال، مردہ خانے، قبرستان بھر گئے۔ کراچی میں شدید گرمی سے چار دن میں جاں بحق ہونے والوں کی تعداد سات سو بائیس تک پہنچ گئی

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    700 lives, 700 lives is what a heatwave has claimed in the biggest metropolitan of Pakistan. A city that has the biggest population of educated people in this nation, a city that provides more revenue to this country than any other, a city hustling bustling with life every second of every day, has been brought to its knees because of a heatwave. Add to that the fact that this is not a unique instance, heatwaves happen more or less every year, and now you know how truly barbaric, apathetic, and self-serving the rulers of Karachi have been for the past 3 decades. The present regime did not so much as lift a finger as hundreds were dying everyday in the streets.

    There are no ambulances to take the dying to hospitals, there are no emergency rooms to ensure that those who get to the hospitals get treated, and once these people are dead there are no morgues to afford them the simple decency of a burial. Where are the structures? Why is it that average citizens are stepping out to help...why is it that every second social media update is about taking matters into people's own hands. Where is the government as people literally ask for them to open up their air conditioned palaces to store the decaying bodies of the dead that can't be buried. The political organizations that have staked a claim on this city for their own personal benefits would serve it well by ridding it from their existence. THIS IS UNACCEPTABLE AND IT SHALL NOT BE TOLERATED


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