Towards Understanding Allah
[The Glorified and The Exhalted]
Siddiq Osman Noormuhammad

Let us not think of Allah in terms of
Physical Existence
Because if we do
We are lost

Think of the atom
Look into it and you will find a universe
Nay, a myriad of universes
Look at the sky at night
And behold the universe
And universes yet unknown
What did you see?
Just an atom

Where is Allah?
Did you find Him?
No, because you thought of Him
As physical embodiment
And you are lost

Look at the ripples in the sea
And grains of sand at the sea shore
Study human faces and tongues
Hear a child's cry and a cock's crow
Feel blades of grass and drops of rain
Appreciate a cat's love for its kittens

Then Allah's Greatness will begin to dawn on you.