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LUMS (Lahore University of Management Sciences) is a local partner of Namal College. Many members of LUMS faculty are actively involved in providing consultation and guidance in running the affairs of Namal College and its curriculum.

Namal College has a student body of about 300 students belonging to 43 districts of Pakistan. There are 9 full-time Ph.D. faculty members employed at the campus, making the student-Ph.D. faculty member ratio to a noteworthy 33. There are about 242 computers in the four labs of the college, thus ensuring that there is almost one computer per student available with a 12-MB internet connection.


Other facilities of the campus feature uninterrupted power supply, student on-campus residence and hostel facilities (accommodate about 250 male and 20 female students), state-of-the-art engineering labs and a large library with about 2500 volumes.

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