2013 Suzuki WagonR Stingray T for sale..Key Features: Paddle shiftrers, ECO Idle, Push Start, ABS, Climate Control, Auto lights, Intercooler Turbo, Leather finished steering, HID projector lights, Electronic steering, Chrome Handles and vents, Immobilizer key, Illuminating meter, RPM meter, Adjustable Steering, Adjustable back seats, Front Sofa Seat with arm rest and container, TV, Back view Camera, Back Viper, Door open Alarm.Multimedia Steering. Front illuminating grill, FOG lamps, Body kit, Rear Spoiler, Alloy Rims, genuine four speakers and two front tweeters, CVTi transmission, Winking mirrors, Retractable mirrors(automatically fold when locked), Sunshades with mirrors and lights, AND MUCH MORE!!!

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