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Thursday June 18 - 2015

Rohingya girls in Thailand and Malaysia have been gang raped by their kidnappers: Ansar Burney Trust International

The Ansar Burney Trust International has received reports that Rohingya girls who were taken hostage at human-trafficking camps in Malaysia and Thailand have been gang raped by their traffickers.

As per reports survivors of the horrible experience of rape said young women would be dragged away at night from the jungle camp, which lies near Padang Besar in Thailand, to a place where they would be gang raped by the guards. similar crimes were taking place at nearby camps on the Malaysian side of the Thai border.

"We heard the shrieks and cries of the women because the place they raped them was very close to our pens, but as the incidents were at night, we could not see what was happening," Nurul Amin Nobi Hussein said.

The discovery of human-trafficking camps and mass graves in the past few months sent shock-waves in Southeast Asia, triggering a crackdown on smugglers and human traffickers by Thai authorities. END

Please support and help Ansar Burney Trust International to help crying humanity:

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