"Dhuandhar Falls, literally meaning smoke cascade"..... Dhuandhar fall of Bhedaghat is about 3 Kms. away from it. Dhuandhar is a picturesque point. Itís called Dhuandhar because heavy fog is formed due to intermittent mist and water spray at its mouth. During visit one can do ropeway in Bhedaghat to get best view of Dhuandhar fall. Dhuandhar fall remains closed during monsoon season. Taking a ride on the ropeway and getting down on the other side of the river is the best thing you can do at Dhuadhar waterfalls. Ropeway ride offers you a chance to capture the roaring waterfall from the front. Ropeway traverses just above the waterfall and offer you one of the closest and widest views of the magnificent fall.Itís truly an overwhelming delight for the travelers seeking exotic landscapes.

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