Rajiv's brother explains VICKS name to claim and sell both in the US crime, if a doctor's prescription writing VICKS give anyone that doctor gets 14 years jail, to be stripped of his degree Kiunki Vichks toxins, Abang these asthma, asthma, asthma may Bronkial so worldwide and Vaganiko WHO declared it poison and the poison is sold in India over most of Bigyapano to help but according to the law any claim But there can be advertising on TV with the power of money, that is all from Gushkhori Rajiv's brother explains further Vichks get very expensive on average 40 to 25 grams for example on the meaning of the rupiah value of 1 kg Vichks 1600 is Rupiah Vichks petroleum jelly, which comes from the price of 60 kg -70 rupiah and Vichks sales Procter & Gmble company profits at more than 20,000% being robbed from you pocket the profits and the government to include in this scam The government gave licenses to thread, eyes turned off and the company went on to plunder the country's

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