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Thread: My name is Gossip.

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    My name is Gossip.

    I have no respect for justice.
    I break hearts and ruin lives.

    I am cunning, malicious and
    gather strength with age.

    The more I am quoted,
    the more I am believed.

    I flourish at every level of society.

    My victims are helpless.

    They cannot protect themselves
    against me because
    I have no name and no face.

    To track me down is impossible.
    The harder you try, the more
    elusive I become.

    I am nobody's friend.

    Once I tarnish a reputation,
    it is never the same.

    I topple governments and
    wreck marriages.
    I ruin careers and cause
    sleepless nights, heartaches
    and indigestion.
    I spawn suspicion
    and generate grief.

    I make innocent people cry
    in their pillows.
    Even my name hisses.

    I am called GOSSIP.
    Office gossip-
    Shop gossip-
    Party gossip-
    Telephone gossip.
    I make headlines and
    REMEMBER, you repeat a story,
    ask yourself:
    is it true?
    Is it fair?
    Is it necessary??
    If not, do not repeat it.


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    Beware, He is a gossiper

    Gossip nice post

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    wowww... kya bat hai yar...

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