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Thread: The Pakistan we lost somewhere between our egos and Immoralities!

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    The Pakistan we lost somewhere between our egos and Immoralities!

    A post which is not only thought provoking nostalgic but raises the question what went wrong unchecked over the years..... it's a reminder of today's reality check...

    Sind Club, the oldest in Karachi, opened its doors in 1871 as an exclusively European gentlemen's club. After Pakistan gained independence in 1947, the club was opened to Pakistani elites. The club featured a billiards room, tennis court, squash court, walking track, sauna, and even a bakery. Once a year, women were invited to the Sind Club for its annual ball.

    Nightclubs in Karachi -- among them the Playboy, Excelsior, and Oasis -- were a big draw in the 1960s and 1970s, and most of them were much less exclusive than the gentlemen's club at Sind. Dancing and booze kept club-goers entertained. But in 1977, alcohol was banned and all nightclubs were ordered to shut down.


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    Queen Elizabeth II drives through Karachi in a white Cadillac, at the start of her visit to Pakistan, 1st February 1961

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    Khan saab sharing jokes with aqib javed (1989)

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    Premier Zulfiqar Ali bhutto inaugrating PTV Lahore building - 1972

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    Crowd at a cricket Test match being played at Karachi’s National Stadium in 1976.

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    Karachi - Once the peaceful city of Pakistan

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    1960's Street Scene Chittagong, Bangladesh. (Previous East Pakistan)

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    Clifton Cigarette
    1958 Advertisement
    Women's world Magazine

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    Beautiful and rare colour photo of a PIA Douglas C-47 Skytrain / DC-3 Dakota taken at Chitral Airport on February 18, 1962. It was a proving flight to Chitral before the start of regular flights.

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    President Ayub Khan of Pakistan (pictured on the right) greeting President Sukarno of Indonesia at the foor of the aircraft as he arrives at Karachi Airport for his official visit to Pakistan

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    Benazir Bhutto with friend Peter Galbraith, later a US diplomat, during the seventies

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    An advert of PIA displaying its class!

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    South Africa’s cricketer Fanie de Villiers cycles his way through the streets of Faisalabad back in 1996 when South Africa was in Pakistan for the 96 Cricket World Cup

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    1961, Royal Tour to Pakistan, Queen Elizabeth II is pictured visiting the Khyber Pass

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    President of Pakistan Ayub Khan being received in Washington DC in 1961. Ayub Khan's motorcade on 14th Street

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    Pakistan: Karachi, Sindh. Jacqueline Kenndy camel ride and visit with camel driver Bashir Ahmad and family

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    Jacqueline Kennedy: A warm welcome by Pakistanis - 1962

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    Jacqueline Kennedy with President Ayub Khan - 1962

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    A tonga at Lahore infront of Inter continental hotel (Now known as PC Lahore)

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    1962: Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip with Miangul Abdul Haq Jahanzeb (Wali-e-Swat). Qudratullah Shahab in the background

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    An old PIA hostesses recruitment advert: See if you are eligible

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    The American contingent parade past spectators at the 1980 ‘Karachi Olympics’: Zia’s dictatorship managed to strengthen itself soon after the Soviet forces invaded neighbouring Afghanistan in December 1979. Once the US resolved to oppose the Soviet invasion, it (along with Saudi Arabia), began pumping in an unprecedented amount of financial and military aid into Pakistan

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    Bacha Khan in his late years, Peshawar

    Attachment 271027

    Wish they had brought down the population growth rate to ideal 2 or less kids per family in 1960s, and who knows we could have been a first world country by now.

    Attachment 271028

    A foreigner pictured with PIA: Worlds most successful airlines of 60's

    Attachment 271029

    Diana on her visit to Pakistan. In Picture with Frontier Corps

    Attachment 271030

    Jacqueline Kennedy at Torkham border: A security official tries to remove a photographer while the guests laugh at the gesture

    Attachment 271031

    First Lady Jacqueline Kennedy visits the Khyber Pass in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, Pakistan, at the Pakistan-Afghanistan border. Standing at left: United States Ambassador to Pakistan, Walter P. McConaughy; Governor of West Pakistan, Malik Amir Mohammad Khan

    Attachment 271032

    Kisa Kahani bazar ready to welcome Jacquleine Kennedy in mid 1962

    Attachment 271033

    Attachment 271034

    General Ayub Khan with Jacqueline Kennedy in Pakistan - 1962

    Attachment 271035

    A piper plays the tune whilst Jacquleine Kennedy looks on - 1962

    Attachment 271036

    Pakistan: Karachi, Sindh. Jacqueline Kenndy camel ride and visit with camel driver Bashir Ahmad and family

    Attachment 271037
    Attachment 271038

    US first lady Jacqueline Kennedy and Pakistani President Mohammad Ayub Khan are shown horseback riding at Glen Ore, the Kennedy country estate in Middleburg, Virginia. The picture was taken on September 25, 1962. Mrs Kennedy is riding Sardar, the horse Ayub Khan gave her when she was on her visit to Pakistan

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    The golden days of PIA

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    When Beard was not on - The charming Junaid Jamshed

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    The Former Pakistan President Rafiq Tarar Confers Nishan-I-Imtiaz, Pakistan’s Highest Civilian Award To The Actor For His Outstanding Performance In Performing Arts At The Presidential Palace In Islamabad On March 24, 1998

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    An old UBL advert

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    Text of Jacqueline Kenedy's letter to her husband requesting the clearence to the horse gifted by President Ayub Khan. The Horse was stopped by immigrations for health issues but granted permission on Presidents special orders!

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