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Thread: How to pick a Watermelon

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    How to pick a Watermelon

    How to pick a Watermelon: Everyday I see people banging on watermelons trying to pick the best one. Here's the real deal on picking the sweetest Watermelon: 1. Make sure it has a prominent yellow spot. This is where it sat on the ground ripening. No spot = premature pick = not ripe. 2. Look for "webbing". This is the brown, course web looking materiel. This is caused when bees pollinate the flower and scar the membranes that later forms the fruit. The more pollination = more webbing = sweeter fruit. 3. Look for black hard globs seeping out. This is sugar not insects or rotting. You're welcome


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    hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm, interesting.... must keep in mind next time

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