Hello everyone. You all know me I believe. This thread is a request from me to all members of this forum. The Admin forged the sub-forum named "Arts" on my request, but it doesnt mean that only I am supposed to post my works in it. It is also for you all. Please do share your artworks with us so that others can learn from it and develop their skills. All of that is posted in the Arts section is mine but nothing from you all. PLease please do post some of your works and yes if you want any guidelines, please feel free to ask.

Special request to:

1. Zara
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i used to have it...... but not now.... u know i got a painter an artist inside me,.......but.......just nothing
Zara I want to see that Artist come out of you to experience this world.

2. Muffy
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solcius, my sister wants some info...she draws too, but sometimes confused about what kind of pencils to use... can you give her some info on that.... and also about the proper use of an eraser while shading...
Teach your sister and ask her to teach you tooo................so that you both share your experiences. And let us know what you have accomplished.


3. Haily
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did u draw this..nice..i was going to put up my art work in my garage, still havent done it...
Well well, why dont u snap some shots and post it and being ur elder bro you should listen to me lolzzz.............