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Thread: Love Notes

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    Love Notes

    Love will Die, If held to Tightly
    Love will Fly, If held to Lightly


    Friendship Often Ends in Love...
    But Love in Friendship-Never..

    To Love and Win Is the Best Thing.
    To Love and Lose, The Next Best...

    To Love is Nothing.
    To be Loved is Something..
    To Love and be Loved is Everything...

    Kindness in Words creates Confidence..
    Kindness in Thinking creates Profoundness..
    Kindness in Giving creates Love.

    Dont Marry a Person You can Live with..
    Marry Someone You cannot Live Without.

    You said you would never leave.
    but where are you now?

    I`m Pretty
    But I`m Not Beautiful.
    I Sin
    But I`m Not The Devil.
    I`m Good
    But I`m Not An Angel.

    I'm holding on to you,
    So I hope you never let me go.
    And when I ask you to love me,
    I pray to God that you don't say No.

    Some say love is a feeling that lasts till death do us part. but i disagre. my love for you will last beyond death, beyond earth, beyond the universe

    Love, meaning you'd do anything for the one.
    youd step into burning flames for the key to their heart. you'd travel far and wide just to smell their scent lingering in the air, and you'd kill, for one touch of their sweet tender body to be near yours.

    All I ever think about,
    Is watching you walk away.
    & the question that goes unanswered,
    Is Could I have made you stay?

    Me [Still] Loving You,
    That Aint A Chance..
    Its Meant To be, But..
    Then [Why] Arnt You
    Loving Me? [</3]

    You Gave Me A Plastic Ring
    To Show His Love For Me Will Never End
    But It Snapped Just Like That
    And Just Like My Heart

    My D & T Teacher Said
    A & E Makes A Perfect Date
    D+T + A+E = DATE
    Only If It Was True !

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    good effort....

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    awww that is sooooooo nice...thnx near

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    nice words...

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    thanks ppl

    coz words cant fill the bruises, but sure it helps

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