An Apology Letter to Future Generations.
Prince Ea, St.Louis rapper, poet, anthropologist, and lyricist, really hits a chord with me in this video. He starts off by taking our problems to a very real extreme: that our rampant habitat destruction (killing off roughly half of all wild animals in the last 50 years) is threatening to wipe out most life on this planet in the geological blink of an eye.
Species are currently going extinct at 1000x the background rate, and we really have cut down half the world’s forests in less than a century. We really can’t continue to let things move in this direction.
This isn’t just altruism: our own survival is caught up in it, and we ourselves are part of an unbelievably complex natural network of life we call the biosphere. If we can understand these problems and confront them, correct them, then we won’t have to apologize to the next generation: we get to instead accept their love and appreciation.

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