Signs of The Coming Messiah: Major War Between Iran and Saudi Arabia

April 21, 2015


A medieval Jewish prescience with respect to the happening to Israel’s Messiah seems to compare to the current circumstance in the Middle East. " A bit of rabbinic literature(written 2000 years prior) known as the Yalkut Shimoni touches on numerous future situations both for the country of Israel and for the world. In its segment on the scriptural Book of Isaiah and the predictions contained in that, a rabbi refered to by the Yalkut Shimoni states:
“That the year the Messiah will arrive when all the countries of the world will irritate one another and undermine with war. The lord of Persia (Iran) irritates the King of Arabia (Saudi Arabia) with war. The King of Arabia goes to Edom (The Western Countries, headed by USA) for counsel. At that point the King of Persia wrecks the world (and since that isn’t possible with traditional weapons it must mean atomic which can devastate the vast majority of the world). Also, all the countries of the world start to frenzy and are perplexed, and Israel too is anxious regarding how to safeguard from this. G-d then says to them “Don’t fear for everything that I have done is for your advantage, to devastate the underhandedness kingdom of Edom and kill detestable from this world so that the Messiah can come, your season of recovery is presently.”
We can see samples of this prediction unfolding – On September 25, 2007 Ahmadinejad talked at the UN Assembly and said that “soon the administrations of the Western world will fall and be demolished. This danger is not simply a philosophy, we know in view of Israeli and world discernment that Iran has a mystery atomic plant where it is delivering atomic warheads for their rockets.
Another fascinating reality as of late distributed on the planet press is that soothsayers see this winter as the “Atomic Winter” in which the Western world will be demolished by Iran with Nuclear weapons (which matches up with old prescience).
This obviously shows the pending likelihood of a Third World War, the preferences which we have never seen previously, to be launched by Iran. In light of the Prophecy said, the war will have three stages:
Stage One – President of Iran debilitates and threatens the King of Saudi Arabia
Stage Two – The King of Saudi Arabia swings toward the West for counsel and assurance.
Stage Three – Iran opens flame, begins Third World War and pulverizes