Something is going on in the breakroom. You walked by and thought you heard your name whispered as well as the word "cake." It's imperative that you discover what's going on. So you do the only thing you can do: you sit comfortably at your desk and deploy your R/C Spy Video ATV-360.

From the comfort of your office, you see and hear everything the ATV-360 does (through the LCD heads up display and earbud). You easily maneuver it down the hall - the ATV's tank treads climbing over any junk in its way. Reaching the breakroom, you hit the 360 button, spinning the ATV in a full circle and giving you an instant scan of the entire room. Everyone is hiding; it's a surprise party for you. You pilot your ATV-360 back and pick up your Nerf gun. Time to surprise the surprisers - and then eat some cake!